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Small Songs Sub Club is a collection of short songs recorded and mixed in my bedroom in single sessions.

Each song is a completely solo production. Each song is under two minutes. Each song is pretty rough and LoFi, but hopefully in a good way.

I am interested in writing short songs because I think they have the potential to creative a special kind of feeling and pack a unique punch. Short art forms like nano fiction, haiku and short films add constraints that often distill work in a meaningful way. Most of all though, I just wanted to make some good music, have fun and share with friends.

There's one song for every week of October 2010 and the songs are emailed out to subscribers. To subscribe, go here: or email:


released October 1, 2010

Gina Pensiero



all rights reserved


Small Songs Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Complete Set
I had a picture of you from summer camp.
Now I see pictures of you off of on ramps
And in the entertainment columns that are just so bland.
Oh my, how we have grown.

We used to trade til we had a complete set
And now I read your blog on the internet,
But I still have that old mix cassette.
Oh my, how we have grown.

You haven't walked me home. It hasn't ended in tears.
We haven't talked on the phone in a million years.
But if I see you on the sidewalk in the city, my dear,
I'll be sure to say hi.
Track Name: A Life of Leisure
I live a life of leisure now that you have gone away.
I wake up many hours after sunrise every day.
I write small songs inside my head.
I never bother with my bed and no one cares.
Track Name: 27
The woman for whom I was named
Is living her final days.
I'll write her a letter
And hope that it's better
Once it's been translated.

On Saturday, in three weeks time,
I'll have another birthday
And Joel will get married
And we'll all get buried,
Unless we get carried away.

The woman for whom I was named
Lives in a distant land.
Well, I would try waving
But I'm just guessing
She probably wouldn't see my hand.
Track Name: On a Lark, On the Brink
Last week I drove around,
Burning up all your gas,
Blaring lofi sounds and
Thinking of ways to make the feeling pass.

Now I'm out at the bar,
Again, again and over again.
Karl checks the score,
But you know I never much cared for sports.

I guess it's nice to have something to root for.

Now I'm out on a lark.
I'm pissing in a public park.
Hard conversation,
Sad temptations.

You're looking at him and she's looking at me.
He's singing a song in a minor key.
This ship has sailed and yours will sink.
It's over now, so take a drink.
The week's over now, so take a drink.
The week's over for good, so take a drink.

Every time I'm on the brink,
I always over-think it.